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Steam Autoclaves

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    Steam Autoclaves
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    Steam Autoclaves
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    Steam Autoclaves
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The machines actually available in our production range are the result of nearly 60 years of research and development in manufacturing steaming machineries; here below we indicate some of their features and operational characteristics:
- Construction in stainless steel according to ASME, CE/PED, CBPVI standards etc. 
- Working pressure atmospheric till 98°C (type VFV) or 3,0 bar till 142°C (type VFPV) or 4.0 bar till 151°C (type VFPVHT)
- Vacuum to 70mbar or 15 mbar (50 or 10 Torr)
- Upper overheated jacket against condensate drops
- Forced steam circulation
- Heating possibility by using saturated or overheated steam
- Possibility of equipping the machine with steam generator with gas burner or electric heating
- Control of cycles with memorized programmes
- Available on different versions depending on the degree of automation from manual loading to fully robotized
- Capacities from 50 kg up to 2000kg or more

Possible uses:
- Twist-setting of the yarn
- Dimensional setting of yarns or manufactured goods
- Rapid Moisture Regain
- Yarn bulking
- Developing of vigoureux print on tops
- Setting of pleats in manufactured goods
- Disinfection and sterilization
- Elimination of static electricity

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